Spray roses are different from long, thorny-stem roses. However, spray roses belong to the same Rosaceae family. The difference between regular rose and spray rose is that the latter appear in bunches.

Spray roses are the miniature version of the common one; they are often used in several flower-centric pieces. Surprising your loved ones with a spray rose has an excellent feeling attached to it. However, if you are searching for where to order a fantastic arrangement of spray roses, look at the Double Jenya flower shop.

What are the meanings of the different spray rose variants?

Below are the meanings people attach to this vibrant flower.

Red spray rose

Red spray roses are associated with romantic love. When you want to express your love to your partner, getting a bouquet with a lot of red spray roses helps to get that message across.

Pink spray rose

Pink spray roses are associated with love but more like you are showing appreciation and gratitude. The darker the flower shade, the deeper it expresses your appreciation to the person receiving the bouquet of baby roses.

Yellow spray rose

The yellow spray rose is known for its sunny disposition; people associate it with happiness or friendship. A yellow spray rose bouquet is most suited when you want to send a cheerful expression.

Lavender spray rose

Lavender or purple spray roses are traditionally associated with splendor and enchantment. So, when you want someone to feel like royalty, a bouquet with lavender spray rose will get the job done.

Why choose Double Jenya for your spray rose to deliver?

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Assurance of top quality

When it comes to the quality of our flowers, we make no compromises. When you get a bouquet of spray flowers from us, we can assure you of getting them fresh.

Simplified ordering process

Thanks to Double Jenya flower shop, getting flowers to your loved ones has always been challenging. All you have to do is place an order, and upon receiving your order, we arrange and send it to your desired location in no time.

Available in different arrangements

At our flower shop, you can get different arrangements of spray roses that are ideal for different occasions. You can find these beautiful little flowers in gorgeous arrangements at our store, such as a bunch, corsages, floral wedding designs, arch arrangements, etc.

Fast delivery

Another reason to shop from our shop is that we offer fast delivery options. You can place an order and deliver the flowers to your location on the same day.


Whatever the occasion, a bouquet with these little spray roses always seems to fit. They are versatile and always a great match for any exotic bouquet. Sometimes, these little flowers can be fragrant, creating a more vibrant ambiance. Visit our shop today and get a bunch of this gorgeous flower for your loved one.

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