Valentine’s is that time of the year to celebrate love. If you are looking for a versatile gift to express passionate and romantic feelings to someone, look no further than the perfect floral arrangement.

The best part about choosing to gift flowers is that they are versatile, and you can give them to anyone. Learn all you need to know about ordering valentines flowers on Double Jenya online shop.

Best flower to get for Valentine

If you are going to give a flower to that special someone on a significant day, like a valentine, then you must put in some thoughts on the type of flower to get. However, to make choosing a lot easier, below are the top four flowers to consider getting this year’s Valentine.


When it comes to flowers, the rose is one of the most popular and is often used to convey the message of love. Note that there is a wide variety of rose you can opt for, and you can use the colour to share a special message. Gifting a floral arrangement with this flower is a romantic gesture with its unique history to Valentine’s Day.


Another alternative you can consider getting this Valentine is this delicate flower, the gypsophila. Having this light flower in your bouquet adds a beautiful accent. It often comes as a bright white flower, which sets the perfect tone for a romantic valentine’s gift.


Sometimes known as Virginia or the gillyflower, the hydrangea flower is another romantic flower on a bouquet. You can use it to convey the message of happiness. As such, people have been giving this flower as an object of their affection on Valentine’s Day for centuries; you can get on that train too.


If you are still in the early stages of your friendship, relationship, or marriage to your partner, the protea is the perfect flower in your floral arrangement. It is a flower that conveys the message of daring, courage, and transformation.

Why order Valentine’s flowers from Double Jenya?

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Wide collection of flowers

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Custom message option

At Double Jenya, you can also make special delivery requests when placing an order. Our professional florists are incredibly creative in delivering a bouquet with a custom message. So, you can trust us to make that particular person know they are extra special to you.


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