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Peonies are classic yet versatile flowers that find a way to melt the heart of women and not only. Many people love the peony flower because of its lush and fluffy flowers that do not need any support from any other bloom. Peonies have a wonderful fragrance, making them a great gift to uplift and brighten your loved ones’ day.

If you’d like a bouquet of peonies to show gratitude to your loved ones, look no further than ordering a bouquet from Double Jenya flower shop. With so many fabulous arrangements and colours available, you will surely find the right flower to express your goodwill, best wishes, and joy in our flower shop. Just choose the suitable bouquet from wide assortment of peonies on the website and we'll get it delivered to your doorstep in time.

What does the colour of the Peonies flower symbolize?

Like most flowers, the colours of peonies have different meanings. So when buying a bouquet of peonies for someone, consider the color you get.

White peony flower

White peony flowers are what you get when you are trying to appeal to someone in a subtle manner. No one can hold a grudge when this elegant blossom gets delivered to their door filling the room with an aura of crispiness. So, when you are trying to apologise for something you did wrong, white peonies are perfect for sending to the person.

Red peony flower

Red flowers symbolize love, and the same applies to red peonies. However, peony flowers, especially when arranged with other colours in a bouquet, could have different meanings like passion and sometimes intensity. A bouquet of red peonies is an ideal alternative when you don’t feel like getting red roses but want something exotic.

Pink peony flower

Pink peonies are super popular because they are versatile. Sometimes, they could convey passion, attraction, or deep appreciation. But in most cases, pink ones are used to wish good luck and prosperity. So, when you wish someone a happy wedded life, birthday, graduation, and so on, you can’t get it wrong when you send them a bouquet of pink peonies.

Yellow peony flower

Yellow peonies are rare pieces that symbolize a fresh start, clean slates, or a fresh beginning. The beauty and radiance of the yellow flowers make them an ideal housewarming, new job, or retirement gift. The yellow peony flowers come in different shades. The lighter variants make a perfect gift for someone to keep indoors, while the richer-golden tone is excellent for outdoors like weeding to reflect the spirit of the season.

What differentiates our delivery service from the rest?

Double Jenya flower shop is the best online flower shop that simplifies buying and delivering flowers to loved ones. As the best flower delivery shop in Dubai, we provide a one-of-a-kind experience and help you get flowers to anyone in time.

Below are some ways we differentiate ourselves from other flower delivery shops in Dubai:

Unique Peony mix

Ordering flowers online means more variety, which we give you when you shop with us. Our floral designers are incredibly creative in creating an attractive bouquet arrangements. So, whatever occasion you are getting a peony for, our floral designers will provide you with the perfect bouquet mixed with the ideal combination of peony flowers that befits the occasion.

High-quality flowers

Our peony flowers on sale are fresh and high-quality, with bigger and more fluffy flowers. We source our flowers from reliable farms in Dubai with a high standard operating procedure to ensure the yields are the finest in the country. When you get a bouquet from us, we get it to your door on time which is why we can guarantee nothing less than the best freshness.

Affordable price

Another reason why we stand out as an online flower delivery shop is that our prices are unbeatable. Considering we sell 100% real natural flowers, and peonies are pretty rare, the cost of our flowers is relatively lower than our competitors. Because we source our flowers locally, we can afford to sell such a rare piece of flower at the price we do.

Excellent rating

Due to our excellent delivery service, we can maintain an excellent rating on platforms like Google. We can achieve this by giving users that place orders early enough same day home delivery. Or better still, if you need the flower the next day, placing the order a day before will help us harvest your specific order and send it to you in time.

Gifting peony flowers is a practice that dates back centuries. It has a rich meaning and symbolism attached to it. So aside from its decorative value, it is a humble flower gaining increased popularity today thanks to its symbolism. You cannot compare the cost of a bouquet of peony flowers to the value it offers when gifted at any particular moment. So, reach out to us on Double Jenya website to order a bouquet of peony flowers today.

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