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Aside from choosing the perfect wedding dress, the bouquet you use on your wedding day can make or break the aesthetics. As such, you should shop for the right bridal bouquet in the UAE. Fortunately, shopping for a bridal bouquet online has never been as easy as with Double Jenya. Find out more about the floral arrangements for the bride on our website.

Floral Choices for Bridal Bouquets

What do you want to achieve from the bridal bouquet you want to use? Do you want something miniature or something elaborate? The choice is yours, but below are some flowers you should consider using on the day of your ceremony.


The orchid is ideal if you are looking for something rare and exotic. Using only orchids or a touch of it in your bouquet will add that touch of royalty to the event. And if you want to take it one step further, use it in other floral arrangements at the venue.

Calla lily

This choice is famous for its unique design. People love it for its soft fragrance. Depending on the color you use, it can either add a touch of calm or symbolize a new beginning.


Carnation is the perfect floral choice; you can make the centerpiece of your wedding décor. You can also use this flower in various parts of the event, like on chair arrangement or the flower girls' bouquet.


You might have heard about gardenia, a luxurious wedding flower. Aside from that, using it in your wedding can create a unique ambiance. Moreover, the flower has a strong fragrance, which can be perceived several feet away.

Why Shop at Double Jenya?

Flower shopping can be straightforward if you know where to get it. At Double Jenya, you can buy the ideal bridal bouquet quickly. Find out more below.

Same-day delivery

When you place an order for a flower on our website, we deliver it on the same day. So, no more waiting for weeks or days to get your orders. Because of our fast delivery service, we can guarantee the flowers will be fresh and in the best condition for your major life event.

Premium quality

As the best floral shop in Dubai, we provide you with the best flower quality. All our flowers are natural and harvested directly from reliable farms. So, you can trust the Double Jenya team to deliver the flowers in perfect condition with no blemishes or defects.


Despite the quality of our flowers, you will never feel you need to break the bank to afford the cost of our flowers. We provide you with different classes of flowers, all of which you can get at an affordable price.

Expert florists

Our florists are experts in putting their creativity into art. So, when you go shopping for a bridal bouquet, you will find something that matches the theme of your wedding.


Are you tired of the endless search for the perfect bridal bouquet? Say no more; visit our online store and place an order today. With a vast collection of floral arrangements on sale, and the option to request a custom-made bouquet, Double Jenya provides you with all you need to get the perfect wedding bouquet.

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