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Are you looking for inspiration for the choice of flowers to use for your wedding? If you are searching for the best floral shop to get a complete abundance of choices, at Double Jenya, you can ease your mind when it comes to flower shopping. You can get all the flowers you need, ranging from what you need for use at the altar to the ones at the reception, tables, cake, and so on. Find out more on the website.

Best Wedding Flower Checklist

The list of flowers you can use for a wedding is so wast it's easy to get confused. Below are some of the most popular, simple, and unique options you can consider using.


Roses are by far the most popular option you can consider using. Despite its popularity, it still makes a great addition to use. Roses can add color to your event, especially when you throw in different flower variants, like spray roses, in the mix.


The intensity of the hydrangea shade makes them a great addition to your wedding. It makes a bold statement in the event's aesthetics, which is something you want when tying the knot.


Aside from the symbolic meaning of eucalyptus, using it for your wedding is a great way to complement patterned dresses. This flower is an excellent choice for hosting an outdoor wedding.


After making your wedding look luxurious, look no further, as the O'hara is a perfect choice. Using this unique flower in any floral arrangement can steal the heart of anyone who beholds it.

What Makes Us the #1 Floral Shop?

Whether you are still in the planning stage of your or a friend's upcoming wedding, figuring out where to source certain things brings peace of mind. When it comes to flower shopping, you can trust Double Jenya to come through with the best flower that fits the theme you are aiming for. Figure out more options below:

A vast collection of floral arrangement

With the vastest collection of floral arrangements in Dubai, you can confidently find exotic and peculiar flowers in Double Jenya. Our wedding florist sources flowers from far and wide so you can have the wedding of your dreams.


When you choose to shop at Double Jenya, we only deliver the best quality. Our flowers are sourced from trusted farms that are disease-free. So, our flowers are always healthy and not wilting or with blemishes.

Competitive price

At Double Jenya, be prepared to be shocked by our price list. Despite the top quality of our flowers, the cost of our flower arrangement is relatively affordable almost for every couple.

Fast delivery

As a bespoke floral shop, we provide a fast delivery service. When choosing the best-liked one from the list of wedding bouquets on our website, we ensure to have it delivered to your doorstep in no time.


Flower shopping is a whole lot easier thanks to the streamlined ordering service at Double Jenya. With its vast collection of international and local flower choices, our website offers you an extensive collection of flowers. All you have to do is place an order.


Do you provide same-day delivery?

Yes, we provide a same-day delivery service. As long as you place the order before closing hours, we ensure the flower gets to your doorstep the same day. Reach out to us to specify delivery details.

What flowers can you choose for your wedding?

There is a massive list of flowers on the website you can choose for your wedding. The ideal flower to use depends on your preference. But according to popular demand, you can either use roses or hydrangeas.

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