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Everyone loves a creative gift, and choosing to give someone a flower box can go a long way. Unlike other options, flower boxes are versatile. As such, you can get them for your spouse, parent, child, colleague, and so on. As long as you get this gift idea on the right occasion, it will surely put a smile on the receiver’s face.

At Double Jenya, you can shop for a flower box that our meticulous florist uniquely creates with quality bouquets and elegant designs. Our choice of basket down to the flowers in the arrangement are great options for memorabilia. If you’d like to know more about this floral gift, keep reading as we explore it below.

Occasions deserving of a flower box

One thing is true about flower boxes: they are a befitting gift for many occasions. When given under suitable events, it creates an unforgettable encounter. If you’re pondering when to give one, here are some occasions befitting of it.


Anniversaries are a special moment and worthy of this box of flowers. Especially when it’s the 1st anniversary down to the 5th year, getting this box goes a long way in showing your romantic gesture and putting a smile on your spouse’s face.


Birthdays are another occasion that getting a flower box befits. Several floral arrangements are great for making this statement. So, this year, don’t send only a text or a card; accompany it with a unique box of flowers to put a smile on their face.

New baby

A flower box is another ideal way to convey a congratulatory message to any parents you know to welcome a new baby. You can opt for one with all sorts of flowers to convey well-wishing messages, like roses, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, tulips, and so on.


A graduation or a promotion is another perfect time to consider getting a flower box for that special someone. Graduation is an exciting time for everyone, and you can show your loved ones how proud you are of their accomplishment by gifting them a flower arrangement. It is an elegant and sophisticated yet playful and fun gift idea to give.

Why do we stand out as the best online flower store in Dubai?

Flower shopping is fun and exciting when you know where to get it. At Double Jenya, we offer you the best flower shopping experience in Dubai, UAE. Our floral shop provides various services to streamline your shopping experience. Learn more below about how we make your flower shopping experience different at Double Jenya.

A wide range of options

One of the first benefits you stand to gain when you shop on the Double Jenya website is that there is a cast collection of flowers to make your pick. Our florists are exceptional in designing the best floral arrangement. So, no matter what occasion you celebrate, you will always find that ideal flower arrangement befitting the occasion.

Same day delivery

Another thing about shopping at Double Jenya is our swift same-day delivery policy. We provide a speedy delivery service to all of Dubai. So, it doesn’t matter what corner of Dubai you want it shipped to; when you place an order from us online, our courier can bring it to your doorstep.

Custom delivery request

Do you have any special message you’d like us to pass on to your loved one? If you do, leave a note when placing the order with the custom delivery request, and we will ensure we pass the message. It does not matter whether it’s a collection of items like confectionery or a special note you want to be included in the flower box; feel free to send us the request.


Shopping at Double Jenya is one of the most affordable places to get flowers. Despite being cheap, we do not compromise on quality. All flowerbox components are vibrant, natural, and fresh, which is befitting for royals.


Flower boxes are adorable and the perfect gift to send that special someone. At Double Jenya, it’s easy to take your relationship to the next level, as you can always trust us to get the perfect box floral. We offer you several unique delivery options, so there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t give that special someone a flower box today.

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