Gifting someone a big bouquet is fantastic and puts a big smile on their face. It sends a message to the recipient that no flower is big enough to show how much you care for them. And the best part is that if you shop for the big bouquet at a reputable store like Double Jenya, you don't have to break the bank to melt the heart of your loved one. Find out more about ordering big arrangements of flowers in Dubai.

Occasions Deserving a Big Bouquet

One thing about a big bouquet is that you can send them to your loved one no matter the occasion. Below are some popular events you should take advantage of the chance to send your loved one a large bouquet.


A wedding is a significant time for anyone as they make such life decisions. As such, coming that day every year is a reminder of how much your spouse means to you. So, give them a big bouquet to tell them you value them.

Mother's day

A mother's child relationship is crucial. Mothers are often the first to teach a child what love is all about right from every aspect of the child's development. Considering the vital role of mothers, gifting her a beautiful bunch of big flowers on mother's day is a small token you can do to put a big smile on her face.


Make the birthday of that special someone you hit differently this year by sending them a huge bouquet. The size of the flower alone is enough to overwhelm them with joy, which is a feeling anyone ought to experience on their birthday.


Celebrate love this year with the perfect size flower. Valentine's day is a day of love, so it doesn't necessarily need to be romantic love. You can gift this big bouquet to your colleague, a friend, or a family member.

Why Choose Double Jenya?

Double Jenya is a reputable flower site in Dubai that provides the best floral delivery service. Visit our website and learn more about why Double Jenya stands out in the UAE. Here are some top-notch options we offer our clients.

Fast delivery

Regarding delivery speed, you can trust us as we have fast delivery couriers. We provide same-day delivery service if you place the order on time.

Custom delivery requests

At Double Jenya, we allow you to request a custom delivery. Our professional couriers are creative in custom delivery requests to make the recipient's day.

Creative florists

Our florists are creative when putting together the large floral arrangement. We provide a vast collection of creative floral arrangements befitting for different situations.


Our floral arrangements are affordable. Despite the size and quality, we ensure the prices are competitively priced. So, you wouldn't have to break the bank to make the day of that special someone.


Go ahead to shop at Double Jenya for those big bouquets. Whether you want to gift your spouse, lover, friend, or family member, we have a floral arrangement for every situation. Reach out to us today or place an order for a big bouquet online.

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