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Is it your Anniversary, and you’re confused about what to get your spouse? Well, you are not alone as this is common, and the best gift is one your loved person will appreciate it. 

You can’t go wrong with the right bouquet. Beautiful floral arrangements convey so many emotions; you only need to choose the right one. Double Jenya flower delivery team will help you pick up the perfect bouquet for her. Please, keep reading to delve into details.

Best Flowers Bouquet for Different Anniversary

Flower shopping can be confusing, especially if it is your first time. With various flowers available in multiple colours, it’s understandable if you need help deciding what to choose.

You navigate flower shopping by using the rule of thumb of conveying your message with your floral choice. Some flowers are ideal for different occasions, and an anniversary is no exception. Find out which one to get that is relevant for your happy anniversary celebration below.

1st Anniversary

A buke of carnations is the most popular choice when celebrating the first year of the Anniversary. This flower conveys the message of admiration. Generally, carnations are friendship flowers, particularly the orange blossom. As such, gifting this flower to your wife could mean you consider her your best friend in the world.

5th Anniversary

If it’s the 5th year of your marriage, a beautiful bouquet of daisies is perfect for your wife. This floral choice conveys the message of forever love. After five years, most couples have established a life together, and daisies are the perfect flower to reassure your wife you’d be sticking around through the twist and turns.

10th Anniversary

A bouquet of daffodils is ideal for a tenth wedding anniversary. The yellow daffodil, in particular, helps convey a message of hope for the future or a fond memory. This trumpet-shaped flower is cheerful and stands out in a bouquet. Daffodil is quite delicate, so if you can’t find one, you can use any yellow flower alternatively.

50th Anniversary

The fiftieth or golden year marriage anniversary is worthy of much praise and attention. Roses and violets are the perfect flowers to get your spouse for your fiftieth Anniversary. Yellow roses or violets are ideal in this case, as they convey the message of prosperity and friendship.

Why Choose Us for Order Delivery?

Knowing the right flower to get your spouse this Anniversary is the first step. Knowing where to buy the bookey is the most crucial step. At Double Jenya, you can rely on our flower delivery service in Dubai, UAE. Find out why we are the best in the region.

On-Time Delivery

With us, you can trust that your flower will arrive on time. We provide same-day delivery services. So, even if today is your Anniversary, you can still place an order and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Special Delivery Request

We got you if you have a special request to make while we deliver the flower. We offer a specialized delivery service that allows you to siege the moment and make it as memorable as you’d like.

Wide Selection of Anniversary Flowers

When you shop at Double Jenya, we have a long list of premium flowers for you to choose from. You can trust that you will find the perfect flower collection for the Anniversary.

Best Quality and Freshness

Quality is our goal at Double Jenya as we ensure all our flower collections are of the best quality and freshness. Our flowers are handpicked individually, and we provide a compelling arrangement of each bouquet that is befitting for any celebration.


Do you want to gift a bouquet to your loved one for this year’s Anniversary? If so, make Double Jenya your one-stop shop to get the perfect flower for the event. Shop on the Double Jenya website today and discover a variety of impressive anniversary flowers.

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