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Sometimes deciding on the perfect gift that fits an occasion is more complex, as so many things make gift shopping challenging. One of the first things you want to consider is what the person likes, as she or he will appreciate it more when you get them something they want.

Balloons especially make a fantastic gift idea you can get your loved ones. Whether you have a small budget or don't know what to get, balloons are a versatile gift that fits into many unique occasions. Rather than showing up at the event empty-handed, gifting a balloon is a flexible option. Learn more about balloon giving in Dubai on the Double Jenya web site and in this guide.

Ideal Time To Get a Balloon Set?

Balloons are the perfect gift you can get alone or combine with other presents. It does not discriminate; whether you are young or old, there is a balloon befitting every occasion. It is a fantastic gift that can brighten the receiver's face. And with its several designs and sizes, you can get it personalised however you like. Find out more about some ideal occasions to order a balloon set.


Gifting that special someone a balloon bouquet is a great way to wish them a happy birthday. A cake and balloon constitute a significant part of any birthday itinerary. So sending an HBD balloon to someone is a perfect way to bring colour to the celebration. The balloon comes in several colours and shapes, giving you a fully customized option to get what will best suit the celebration. You can send birthday balloons with customized names, ages, and designs.

Wedding anniversary

Anniversaries are also the perfect time to put a smile on your spouse's face with a suitable balloon. With a wide range of colours available, you can bundle this latex decoration to make this year's anniversary special. You can use it to decorate your home to jazz up the atmosphere. Surprise your spouse with a balloon bouquet and put a big smile on their face. And to make the occasion more bewildering, get a hamper with cute gifts you know your spouse will appreciate.


Valentine's is another time when getting a beautiful blown up balloon is a great way to tell your wife or husband you love them. Valentine's day doesn't have to be limited to romantic love; it can also be an excellent opportunity to let someone dear to you know that you love them. With several unique designs that include a heart, kiss, and fun colours, you have many options to celebrate this day of love.

Baby Shower

Balloons make a great addition, even for baby showers. With specially designed helium-filled balloons available, you can use them to create that baby-mother bond. Balloons come in beautiful and charming designs like the shape of a heart, teddy, and so on. So, it doesn't matter whether it's a boy or a girl; there is always that perfect balloon you can order to savour the moment. Regardless of how you already planned to celebrate the occasion, balloons are a great decoration manager to get.


Graduation day is another perfect opportunity to party. Whether you are celebrating your child's or a sibling's graduation, showing up at the venue with a pre-inflated balloon is an ideal way to create a festive environment. The cap, gown, excitement, and balloons are part of the graduation spirit. So, whether you want to visit that special someone at the graduation ceremony or host a private house party, balloons always find a way to come into the mix.

Why to choose us for balloons in Dubai?

The price of our arrangements is not only affordable but highly competitive. If you'd like to know why we are a stand-out company in Dubai, then keep reading.

Fast balloon delivery

When you place a new order, you can trust us to deliver quick. Our fast delivery service ensures you get your balloons on time at a cheap rate. We provide you with a same day delivery service. If you place an order from us early enough today, you can get it before nightfall. But if you place the order after closing hours, you will get the delivery first thing the next day. We operate every day, including Saturday and Sunday.

Trusted balloon shop

At Double Jenya, we take pride in our work. We supply only top-quality balloons and gifts to make that special celebration a blast at an affordable cost. Despite being a relatively affordable shop, our items are never below standard. If you buy balloons from us, you will undoubtedly get top-quality products. And if you buy our latex balloon bundle, inflatable or non-inflatable, we use durable latex that will last longer.

A vast collection of balloons

Gift shopping at Double Jenya allows you to choose the perfect gift from a vast collection of options. We have gifts for all kinds of occasions. So, when you visit our online store, you will be allowed to include more than a few choices. With diverse colours like gold, black and green as well as customized designs, you can trust you'll always find that perfect gift from our online catalogue.

Top-rated Expert

We are experts in the field. As such, you can trust us to deliver balloons suitable for any occasion you want to celebrate. So, if you have any questions about placing an order today or tomorrow, please contact us.

Custom delivery requests

Also, we allow you to make a custom delivery request as long as the delivery address is within the area. We can personalize your gift such that it is unique to the recipient. All you have to do is to tell us how you'd want us to deliver the balloon, and our local couriers will get it ready and at the doorstep in no time.


Where should I order balloons for my party from?

When you are hosting a party, the best place to get it is the Double Jenya online shop. Our website has a vast collection of balloon bouquets to choose from. The balloons are available in various shapes and colours, which brings variety to your party design.

What is your balloon quality?

Although our balloons are affordable, they are made of high-quality material. Depending on the balloonbouquet, it may be made with latex material or foil. In either case, the material can hold up the helium when blown up for an extended period. By the way, we will start selling balloons made of eco-friendly materials in the near future.

How to order balloons online?

When you need to order balloons online, visit On this online platform, we deliver anywhere in the UAE. Select the balloon bouquet set or single you want and proceed to the checkout page. Input the address, and the order will be set right away.

What is a customised gift?

It is a personalised gift that you can design however you see fit. As such, you can make the gift unique to its recipient, which makes it more special.

What is balloon stuffing? Can you stuff anything in a balloon?

Traditionally we fill balloons, but stuffing them with a bunch of items is increasingly becoming popular. Popular stuffed balloons include candy, chocolate, cuddly toys, jewellery, and so on.

How to take care of your helium balloon to last longer?

When you fill a balloon with helium, keeping it out of direct sunlight or warm places is best. The heat from the sun causes the helium to expand, which can cause it to pop. Low temperatures can affect the float time of helium balloons as well. The best place to keep your helium-filled balloons is at room temperature.

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