Roses have long been a symbol of love, emotions, and beauty. As such, it has been immortalized for centuries, particularly in art and literature. But when you harvest rose, it’s just a matter of time before it withers. Even when you put them in a case of water, you can only lengthen their longevity by a bit.

What if this strikingly beautiful piece from nature can remain fresh and blooming for a very long time, maybe for years? At Double Jenya flower shop, you can shop for various forever roses designed for any occasion in Dubai. Please keep reading to learn more about how to get a top-notch floral service on our website.

The meaning of the different colours of forever roses

Forever roses have such a remarkable shelf life due to how they are stored. The glass dome in which they are placed contains preservatives that keep the natural flower fresh for years. When you shop for this eternal rose, you will notice they are available in different colours. Each colour has a different emotional meaning attached to it. Below is a guide to the meaning of each colour to help you always make the perfect choice for the person receiving the flower.

Red forever rose

Red forever roses are the most common of these roses that never die. It is the ideal flower to gift someone you want to express romantic love. Sometimes, the red forever rose can also be recognized as a flower of passion and desire. Giving the red forever rose to your loved one is an excellent way of telling them that you want the love to last forever. Gifting your sweetheart this flower that lasts for many years is a perfect reminder of your love for them.

Green forever rose

Gifting someone a green forever rose is a way of wishing them a life of abundance. So, a green rose in a glass dome is an ideal gift you can give someone starting a new business. The green one can also symbolize fertility or rejuvenation. As such, this flower can also be a perfect gift idea you give a new couple. It can also be a great addition to a funeral recital as it symbolizes peace and spiritual rejuvenation.

Blue forever rose

Blue roses are one of the rarest roses; getting a blue forever rose is a gift idea that stands out. It can symbolize true love or an inner feeling of love at first sight. Some people associate the blue forever rose with something that represents mystery. As such, it is not advisable to gift this to someone on a first date. The meaning attached is that you are trying to tell the person that although they might be a mystery, you are willing to venture on the journey of finding love with them.

Yellow forever rose

The yellow color has a vibrant and energetic feel, so gifting the yellow forever rose to someone is a warm and bright way of conveying platonic love and attachment to close friends. This yellow forever rose can also symbolise optimism and happiness.

If you know someone who needs cheering up, the yellow forever rose is a perfect gift to tell them your good wishes without using words. It may also be a random gift you get someone during the spring and summer, such as a birthday celebration, graduation, and so on.

Pink forever rose

Pink-coloured forever roses are pretty standard, and they often symbolise femininity. While femininity is commonly associated with this rose, several other meanings can be simultaneously associated with it.

A rule of thumb to use when getting this fl is to take note of the shade. For example, ivory, which is more like a shade of pink, means something charming, while peach means sincerity, gratitude, or modesty. As such, soft pink is the go-to choice for an early relationship.

Orange forever rose

Finally, this coloured forever rose is ideal when you want to make a strong statement of fiery passion. In most cases, you will find orange roses used to depict enthusiasm, desire, or fascination. Orange is a bold colour, making it a perfect gift when trying to make a romantic gesture. And depending on the scheme of the orange, its application is quite vast.

Why buy forever roses from us?

Double Jenya flower shop is your one-stop shop to get all kinds of forever roses you want. As the best flower shop in Dubai, you can trust that you will get the best service from us. When you shop for this flower from us, we offer you several options to ensure the gifting experience is memorable for the person you send the floral arrangement. Below are some of the benefits of buying a forever rose from us.

Personalization options

One of the stand-out reasons for shopping for a bouquet from us is that we offer you a personalisation option. You can always note how you would like us to deliver the forever rose to the person you buy it. Our couriers are highly creative in delivering roses in grand style. They bring the rose to your doorstep and ensure the recipient understands the emotion behind sending the flower in the first place.

Fast delivery

It doesn’t matter where in Dubai the person you are buying a forever rose for; at Double Jenya flower shop, we offer one of the faster delivery services. We even offer same day delivery. But if you will be ordering large quantities, we recommend you order it a day prior, so we can deliver it the next day. So, you can always trust us to come true to your flower needs whenever you require one and for whatever occasion.


Another reason why choosing Double Jenya to shop for flowers is a great choice is that our forever roses are relatively cheap. Gnerally, forever roses are quite experienced because of the finesse put into producing them. But despite the long and intensive production process, our prices are highly competitive. We can afford to sell at such low prices because of several cost-effective overhead decisions. So, you can put a smile on the face of your loved ones and not put a hole in your pocket while at it.

High-quality infinity rose

Additionally, when you shop for flowers at our flower shop, we assure you will get nothing less than top-notch quality. Our infinityrose has a long shelf life lasting up to 5 years at the very minimum. So, when you get a forever rose flower from us, you can rest assured that you will get value for your money.

Closing thoughts

Get your loved one a gift that leaves a mark on their heart by ordering any of our forever roses. With our vast collection of forever roses available on our platform, you will find the perfect one for the occasion. All you have to do is place an order today, and we will handle everything from then on.


What is a forever rose?

Forever roses are real roses because they have been preserved in a glass dome. As such, even though they are natural flowers, they will not wilt or wither anytime soon. Most Forever roses are known to stay fresh for years. However, if, due to handling the dome sealing, the flower gets broken or doesn’t shut properly, then the flower will start to deteriorate slowly.

Is Forever Rose a real one?

Yes, forever roses are real roses. Although they are actual rose flowers, the texture will be quite different. If you were to remove the dome of these forever roses and feel the surface of the flower, you would always be met with a natural rose. Some forever roses are gold-plated, though.

How long does an eternal rose live?

Typically, most eternal roses stay fresh for up to 5 years. But with good maintenance and proper storage, this eternal rose can last a few extra years.

How much does forever rose cost?

Forever rose is relatively affordable. However, factors such as the number of flowers in each dome influence its cost. Generally, the price differs depending on the type you are getting. For example, the Infinity Rose Single Red goes for as low as AED 350, while other types, like the Infinity Rose Trio Red, sell at AED 750.

Why is forever rose one of the best gifts?

When it comes to gifts, what you get depends on the individual receiving them. But one exception is forever rose, as they are universal and loved by everyone irrespective of gender. Another reason this gift stands out is that they have a long shelf life. Hence, you can never get it wrong when you order the forever rose at Double Jenya flower shop and create that everlasting memory with your loved one.

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