Monobouquets Chrysanthemum bouquet

  • Availability: In Stock
Availability: In Stock
AED 220
  • Simple chrysanthemum bouquet.
  • Made of 13 stems of chrysanthemums.
  • Can be made in different colors, depending on the availability.
  • Great choice to surprise your dear ones.

In order to guarantee the best quality and freshness, the bouquet may be arranged based on the availability of flowers, very close to its example. Please place your order in advance to make sure you get the same arrangement as the picture.

With love from Double Jenya team

Delivery Information

We work daily 9:00-19:00 and 10:00-19:00 on weekends. You can send the order request at any time, but we will answer you during business hours.

Upon receipt of the order, we will check the availability of flowers and confirm delivery with you. In the event that some components of the bouquet are not available or they are of inadequate quality, we will offer you options for replacing them with analogues. Also, be prepared for the fact that flowers are a living organism, so bouquets do not 100% repeat the picture. But all the bouquets that you see on our website are made by Double Jenya Flowers florists.

When ordering after 18.30, the earliest delivery is the next one after 11.00.

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