From weddings to birthdays, baby showers, and photoshoots, flowers play a significant role in giving events that finishing touch. The right floral arrangement isn’t just to look beautiful. They also communicate your feelings and take the ambience level of your event up a notch.

The importance of flowers cannot be overemphasized. They bring beauty to the environment with their arrays of colours, shapes, and textures. Their smell also freshens the air and gives a good atmosphere. Flowers can be therapeutic and make people relax. They can also be used to show romance and express feelings.

Whatever event you are using flowers for, we are available at the Double Jenya flower shop to help you with floral arrangements that will make a statement. We have everything you need to create a perfect composition that will suit your taste. We also offer stunning and distinctive designs that will leave a lasting impression. We are committed to giving you quality and properly arranged flowers for any event.

Double Jenya flower shop is not only available to give you the best flowers, but we also consider the essence of time. You can select a flower bouquet on our website now and have it delivered to you as soon as possible with great precision. We have our courier services with fast, polite and professional delivery.

We offer flowers that make people happy and satisfied. However, the good thing is that you do not need to break the bank to get flowers; our flowers are affordable. You can get a discount of up to 10% as our regular customer. In addition, we stay in touch with our customers as you are family. You can reach us via telegram or Whatsapp to ask questions and see our lovely flowers.

Ceremony Flowers

A ceremony is never complete without breathtaking floral arrangements. Flowers play vital roles in your ceremony as they significantly influence the feel of the day. They communicate emotions and add to the aesthetic feeling. You will be pleased to have taken the use of flowers seriously.

There are many ways you can incorporate flowers into your ceremony. For instance, you can include flowers, such as rose petals, in your childbirth experience. This ritual involves spreading some rose petals even on your baby’s head while prayers are being said. You can even request that each guest attending the naming ceremony bring flowers that can be pressed - examples of such flowers include sweet peas, poppies, and cosmos. You will then press the flowers, dry them, and frame them so that the number of flowers in your frame is the number of people present during the christening of your little one.

Another ceremony that shouldn’t go without flowers is a graduation ceremony. Start by gifting a bunch of flowers o the graduands to let them know you are proud of their achievement. You can also give them a corsage or boutonniere. However, it would help if you timed your flower gift rightly. Consider giving the corsage or boutonniere before the ceremony starts. This can help your graduand incorporate the colourful gift into their dress as they get the certificate. If you are giving a bouquet, give it immediately to the graduand who comes back from collecting their degree. This will help them incorporate it into their pictures without going through the stress of finding where to put it during the event. Suppose you are not available to present the flowers yourself. In that case, you can contact us at Double Jenya Flower Shop, and our swift delivery will help your celebrants get their flowers right on time.

Another ceremony that cannot be complete without flowers is when you are opening a new place, for example, a salon. Consider a hanging wall flower for your new salon to give it a beautiful feel without taking up too much space. Furthermore, think of a personalized ‘thank you flower to send to your guests after the day. The recipient will appreciate it more than an ordinary ‘thank-you note.

In a word, you will find flowers suitable for decorations for ceremonies of all levels and parties for any occasion in our online store. For instance, you can order a bouquet of orange chrysanthemums for a Halloween party. To make your flower thematic and spunkier, we can offer you varieties in the arrangement and choosing the vase.

The use of flowers in ceremonies is not limited. What is important is knowing the right flowers and the proper ways to use them. Our in-house florists at Double Jenya Flower Shop are always available to help you select.

Reception Flowers

Flowers are essential for your reception party. The most common way to use flowers at reception is by using them as a part of the décor. No reception décor is complete without a tremendous floral presence. The best types of flowers for decoration are roses, carnations, handy gear, daisies, and carnations, among others. You can create a floral backdrop at your event or have flowers hang from the ceiling to have a lovely feel.

Events Planning And Consultation

Now that you have an event to plan, it is time to get an appointment with our flower shop. We focus on enhancing our esteemed customer’s experience by exceeding their expectations whenever they reach out to us. We pay close attention to your requirements, and you are confident of getting top-notch services you can’t get anywhere else.

We are highly skilled and creative in using flowers to create the right atmosphere at your event. We are ready to take the stress off you by suggesting the right flower. You can also require an event floral mock-up to ensure what you’ll get for your event.

Below are some of the advantages of using fresh flowers curated by our team of professionals:

  • It adds elegance and class to your event

  • It can bring a sense of freshness to your space

  • Fresh flowers can also help boost your mood and that of your guests

  • It shows your guests the efforts you put into welcoming them

Special Occasions Flowers

Suppose there is a special occasion that you need to take care of. In that case, flowers can be very consequential in communicating your emotions. Whether it is love, forgiveness, respect, adoration, romance, sympathy, or apologies, there are flowers to help you express that. It is not about how big a bouquet is when curating it for special occasions but the throughput of it.

You can check our website for flowers for mothers day, apologies, and any other occasion. We can also curate a unique bouquet considering the event, the recipient’s personality, and taste.

Hotel Floral Decors

Have you ever wondered that choosing a good flower decor for a hotel speaks about the ambience and general outlook of the hotel?

If you are an interior designer looking into the best floral options for a hotel, there are plenty to choose from. Whether you want the flowers to make a statement or just as an accent, our team of florists will help you through it.

Home Floral Decors

Flowers have been used to decorate the home for a long time. Their beauty can help boost the overall look of the house. Studies have even proved that flowers can be linked to mood elevation. Also, they can help relieve stress and improve productivity. Therefore, it is essential to have flowers in your home as they help boost energy and help you stay in good spirits all day.

Floral decors are open to your porch and sitting rooms with others. There are other places in the house where a pot of flowers can help you improve your outlook. Consider placing a pot of peace lily in your study to help you work. Also, a vase of jasmine in your bedroom can help improve your sleep.


No event is ever complete without flowers. Flowers have a lot of importance, and their uses are infinite. However, choosing the right flowers for whatever you want to use them for is essential. Hence, the need to get your flowers from a great flower shop.

Double Jenya Flower Shop is one of the premier event florists in Dubai. We offer classy flowers that scream luxury. Our delivery is also timely, making it easy to give you complete satisfaction.

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